Here are some tips on keeping your handbag clean and looking good

Mastering the Art of Handbag Maintenance: Tips for a Clean and Polished Look

Fashion designers have shared 10 tips for taking care of your Handbags, including where to store them and how to clean them.

  1. Don’t suspend It or Hang it
  2. Avoid the light
  3. Invest in cleaning supplies
  4. Use a clean cloth to wipe it off
  5. Use reusable bags instead of plastic bags
  6. Keep the shape
  7. Accept imperfections
  8. Don't wait until the last minute to fix your bag
  9. If you want to protect your handbags from dirt and stains Consider Using a Handbag Liner
  10. Put the bag inside a zippered bag or fasten the handles together

Now that you know how to take care of your lovely bag tell me did I missed to add something else? dont forget to eave your comment below.

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